Taiwan Knitting Industry Association known as TKIA was founded in 1949. As of Nov. 2009, TKIA owns over 183 corporate and associate members including knitting mills, fabric dealers and garment factories.

Member knitting mill of TKIA owns advanced and high-tech workshop which fully equipped with world-wide-known knitting machines, such as Mayer & Cie, Terrot, Karl Mayer, Fukuhara, Orizio, Pai Lung, Jiunn Long and Tien Yang. Possess cutting edge professional engineers and operators to develop and produce high quality product. Various and rapid commission knit provide quality service globally.

Recently, the world is getting flat by speedy transportation of commodity and the competition of low-cost countries.  Endeavor to create new ideas, our member fabric dealers continually position themselves in international market thanks to high-product-mix operations and high-end critical products. To strengthen business linkage and to broaden business scope, our members purpose themselves to reduce production cost and to increase profit.

Major of our member garment factories based Taiwan to develop product and operate business. Some of our member invested world-wide such as Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, China and Central and South American. Combine Taiwanese management and high-tech, together with local labor advantage, our member garment factories could provide high-quality, reasonable price, quick delivery product to global customers which cover commission knit, design production and accessories purchase.

With well-known development of fabric and outstanding quality, the industry carried creative design and production out in each specialized proceeding on spinning, knitting, dyeing, printing, packing. Taiwan knitting industry becomes the best choice for strategy cooperation to international brands.

In the future TKIA will assist our members in automation of factories, computerization of management information and design.  Also help our members to interchange the new ideas for developing production, expanding overseas market, personnel training and industry upgrading.

Knitting industry in Taiwan has a long history, we have mature and high-tech productivity to make high value-added products. Large-scale knitters keep on internal creation. Middle scale knitters cooperate strategic alliance with their upstream and downstream profession to shorten the time of development and reduce the risk. This structure is for adapting to the short product life cycle and leading toward to diversity and variety on merchandise.  With the advantage of flexible and various, Taiwan’s knitting fabrics manufactures have the stand to fight against low price competition from China.